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Redapplespa becomes a leader in Lucknow for its evolving body massage services that are offered for its massage and wellness massage therapy for customers located. We are proud to be finest authentic body spa and known to deliver the exclusive concepts based on the timeline. Redapplespa offers the wide range of the body massage services from body and foot spa, manicure and pedicure, face refreshers to the traditional full body spa. Our aim is to provide the complete wellness and relaxation with complete massage therapy. We become most popular with the atmospheric relaxation as well as traditional well for the extensive treatments in our massage parlour.

Why Red Apple Spa for best Spa:

Redapplespa is the great place to get various kinds of body massages. It offer complete relaxation and wellness to clients. There is lots of spa in lucknow at affordable price, but redapplespa provide authentic body spa at the specific time. The thai spa makes you feel amazing at the cost-effective price. It is best body spa which chosen by lots of people. They provide body massage service by girls. The female to male spa reduce health risks easily. Nowadays, body to body spa becomes more exciting and fun. From the spa, you feel stress free which performed according to a procedure. Most of the people choose spa at a cheaper price to keep body without pain. Everyone get peace of mind in these days. In the body massage parlor you acquire the perfect solution to relieve stress. If you are looking to choose the best spa in uttar pradesh, you are in right place to acquire spa from experienced experts.

Rejuvenation Our Body Massage Therapy:

Redapplespa incorporates finest traditional Aromatherapy with contemporary rejuvenation techniques for healing the whole body, soul, and mind. We bring you wide list of massages that includes the array of classic as well as new age treatments like body massages, facials, scrubs, wraps, hand and foot care, firming and toning. Our team is committed to availing highest quality standard spa treatments and therapies across different regions. Customers at spa experience a great environment where is convenient to get the complete ambiance with exotic aromas with moderate smiles of spa staffs. Customers would definitely find complete mental, emotional and soul peace. Our body spa massage techniques involve the fingers, hands, elbow, forearm, and knees or device to bring appropriate techniques. The main purpose of the massage treatment is to treat the body pain or stress. Our trained professionals give you complete massage and know to give traditional massage therapies in massage parlor.

Body Massage Spa Therapy:

Everyone requires a peaceful living of mind and body in the modern day. Body massage and spa tends to give you complete relief from the physical and psychological aspects. With more blood circulation in the veins, every organ in the body works faster thus relieving from pain or stress. Body massage centers in Lucknow become the common sight here and many people like to visit to get rid of the body pain and relive from stress. It is also the perfect way to give yourself short break from mundane and boring routine. We offer great service at competent price.

Body to Body Spa Massage by expert therapists:

Do you want to enjoy the Body to body massage service in Lucknow? Choosing the professionals would be a great way to increase a stress-free body massage service. Body to body massage is used with the special and natural gel and the procedure starts with body to body massage and rubbing as well as sliding through the body. In fact, Every minute the body spa massage becomes more and more fun and exciting. Well-being massage starts with face down and the experts would start pampering from the shoulder and back. When the masseur is done in back then he would ask to turn around to repeat same sequence in front part and it also ends with the face massage or scalp massage.

Full Body Massage Spa Therapy:

Most people prefers the full body massages as it feels great. You could get a professional regular massage service to make you complete relax and it would definitely energizes you. Customers at spa experience a great environment where is convenient to get the complete ambiance with exotic aromas with moderate smiles of spa staffs. Customers would definitely find complete mental, emotional and soul peace. Lucknow spa brings you full body massage so when you are facing issues then it is necessary to workout at the muscles or joints.

Active Release Technique:

Our professionals at Redapplespa bring you the complete The Active Release Technique (ART) which is the type of deep tissue manipulation that has been patented for everyone. Active Release Technique is a specific technique used for releasing the soft tissue adhesions in our best body spa in Lucknow. <


Acupressure is one of the alternative medicine techniques which is quite similar to the acupuncture. Acupressure is a concept that mainly involves the life energy that would flow through the "meridians" in the bodyspa. When physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points, it would automatically clear out the blockages in meridians. Normally in the Acupressure, the pressure will be applied to the fingers, elbow, toes, palm and other devices. Medical studies also state that acupressure effectively helps to manage the vomiting and nausea. It also helps the lower back pain, stomach ache, tension headaches and other benefits.

Ayurvedic Massage:

The Ayurvedic Massage is also called as the Abhyangam in Sanskrit. The Ayurvedic therapies are also the important dincharya helpful to maintain the healthy lifestyle. Normally, Ayurvedic massage technique is used to stimulate lymphatic system for expelling the toxins from the body. In fact, Ayurvedic Massage also stimulates the production of lymphocytes playing important role in maintaining increased immunity in the human body. Our massage center is specialized for ayurvedic spa.

Foot Massage:

Foot massage is more often performed for complete recreation or relaxation. There are some specific points on the foot that mainly correspond the different organs in the body. With stimulation of points on complete foot massage with reducing the complete body pain. Reflexology massage also amazingly reduces the fatigues with promoting better sleep.

Lymphatic Drainage:

Our Manual lymphatic drainage technique is highly used for stimulating whole lymphatic system and also efficiently assists in reducing the localized swelling. In fact, the lymphatic system is the network that moves the vessels in the body carrying the cellular waste toward the heart. Lymph carries the lymphocytes as well as other immune systems. Lymphatic drainage efficiently improves waste removal with immune function.

Myofascial Release:

The Myofascial release is the manual massage technique that would release the adhered fascia as well as muscles with the goal of eliminating the pain and increased the range of the motion with equilibrioception.


Reflexology or "zone therapy" is the ultimate alternative medicine that involves the varied application of the pressure on hands and feet with the specific thumb, hand and finger technique without using any lotion or oil. Reflexology is completely based on the pseudoscientific system in body and reflexes area mainly reflects the image of the body on hands and feet.


Shiatsu is the alternative medicine that mainly consists of the palm and fingers pressure, stretches as well as other massage techniques. We also offer the shiatsu treatment that is considered as best option for the medical condition in our spa.

Swedish Massage:

Swedish massage is the most recognized category of massage that varies from vigorous to light techniques. Swedish massage method uses the 5 styles of strokes that includes

• Effleurage (sliding or gliding)
• Petrissage (kneading)
• Tapotement (rhythmic tapping)
• Friction (cross fiber or with the fibers)
• Vibration / shaking

Redapplespa, A luxurious body spa in Lucknow also offers the Swedish massage to reduce the joint stiffness, pain as well as the best way to easily improve the function of patients with the osteoarthritis in the knee for more than 8 weeks. Swedish Massage also reduces the low back pain as well as can last effective for more than 15 weeks.

Thai Massage:

Thai massage is also called as the "ancient/traditional massage" based on the combination of both the Indian as well as Chinese traditions of the medicine. Thai massage combines physical as well as energetic aspects. In fact, it also involves the deep and body massage that progress from feet up which also focuses on energy lines in the body spa. Thai massage is popular massage therapy used for complete managing condition like fatigue and musculoskeletal pain. The Thai Massage also efficiently involves the stretching movements which would improve the body flexibility, improve blood circulation and joint movement.

Trigger Point Therapy:

The Trigger point therapy mainly consists of the deactivating trigger points mainly caused by the refer pain or local pain as well as other sensations like headaches in the body spa. Trigger point therapy mainly involves the Manual pressure, injection, vibration and many other treatments that mainly applied for relieving the myofascial pain. In fact, Trigger points are photomicrographed as well as measured electrically then presented as the showing image using the MRI. Trigger point therapy relates the dysfunction during the myoneural junction or Neuromuscular Junction (NMJ). Normally, the Trigger point therapy is quite different from the acupressure, reflexology as well as pressure point massage.

Massage Tables And Chairs:

Redapplespa A tremendous spa has specialized massage tables as well as chairs used to position the recipient in the massage sessions. Each of the massage tables is cleaned and heavily padded surface allowing the client to get complete support and breathe easily with their face lying down.

Comfortable and luxurious Ergonomic chairs also serve as the similar function to get complete relaxation. These chairs could be portable or stationary models that bring you best body massage therapy sessions.

Warm-Water Therapy Pools:

We have complete Temperature-controlled warm-water therapy pools mainly suitable for performing the complete aquatic bodywork. Our therapy sessions also bring you the best therapy that approximately chest deep as well as temperature-controlled for about 35 °C.

Dry-Water Massage Tables:

The Dry-water massage tables use the Jets of water streams for performing massage. In fact, these tables do differ from normal shower and client would stay dry always.

Creames, Lotions, Gels, and Oils:

For lubricating and moisturizing skin in massage sessions different Cremes, lotions, oils, and gels are used so that it would reduce friction on the skin and increases the blood circulation to the maximum.

Benefits of Massage Therapies

Lucknow is not a small city and there is no dearth of the best spa. But we have emerged as the best spa within no time. At this platform, the best and amazing body massage parlour is catered to you. Our complete body massage has become the most sought after among the working male and female to have a great treat to relax body and mind both at the same time. Our spa services included in oil body scrub, thai, foot massage, sandwich massage, sensual massage, nude massage, erotic massage, cross body massage, kerala famous massage, and more.

Red Apple spa – The Distinguished Spa in Beautiful City Lucknow

This adorable city is already known for having the colorful culture and people. It does not overstate that we are also lifting up a great spark to the beauty of this great city. People, who are visiting purpose or for office work, never forget to visit us as they already know that it is the best platforms to get shrouded in the pool of relaxation.

We at Lucknow spa hold power to please our customers and provide needful help so they can get rid of all their mental and physical problems. Within a very short span of time, we manage to rule over many hearts. Our customers love choose us because of the quality of work in our spa.

What Makes Redapplespa Feel Proud

We feel proud to get regarded as the leading massage centres in Lucknow because of our services and customer satisfaction. As of now, we have served many and they all are satisfied with our quality. We give you guarantee that after taking bodyspa once from us you will love choosing us again and again. We have a great motto to relax your body and mind both at the same time. We charge the reasonable prices from you and that is why the extra burden does not lead to your pocket.

The major cause reason that lures a legion of customers towards us is that we deeply understand the requirements and expectation of our clients to the fullest satisfying the desires of our clients. We feel proud unearthing that our therapists are loaded with great experience and know how to bring the best and excellent feeling and experiences to you.

Not only this, we have also helped a wide range of customers to recover from their stress and lead towards a normal life. They are grateful to us. Whether you wish to relax or get rid of various bad things like tension, pain or depression, we are the ideal platform to choose.

In case if you are not comfortable with male then you may ask us to have body massage by females. We always prefer the need and requirements of the customers. We never underestimate your needs and requirements. You may also go with the male spa option if wants. In short, it just you on which we focus. Your satisfaction matters the most. We do not leave any stone unturned to make you feel satisfied and contented.

In short, massage therapy is not only a therapy, but it makes you feel amazing and relax your body in a great manner. It is one of the best and easiest ways to stay healthy and happy. If you never had this, then you must go ahead to jazz up your mood. One is our reputed massage parlour and spa center in Mathura Uttar Pradesh and another spa massage in Chandigarh Punjab.

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